Bali Colour Festival FAQ

Where will the Bali Colour Festival be held?
Bali Colour Festival will be held at the Finns Recreation Club sports field. 

How many people are you expecting?
We have a capacity of approximately 1000 pax. 

What time is the event starting?
Doors open at 3:00 pm.

What’s the powder made of?
The color powder is organic and made from natural colorants and organic ingredients. It is made from fine flour, fully compostable and SAFE when exposed to skin and face

Is the powder safe for the lungs?
The powder is made from rice flour and free of allergens. It is easily breathed out yet we recommend guests wear masks and People with respiratory ailments are dissuaded from attending the event.

Does the powder come easily off clothes?
Water Soluble. The Colour Powder is usually easily washed off of clothing, skin and hair. Nevertheless, bring clothes that you can dispense with or save as a lasting memory of the event.

Is there a Dress code required?
Please wear white (Bali Colour Festival Merch will be on sale) 

Are there Bathrooms and Showers facilities in the venue?
Both bathrooms and showers would be available near the stage for all partygoers

Does Bali Colour Festival ticket price include minimum spend?
No, it’s for the ticket only. Food and beverage can be purchased separately during the evening. Tickets are including powder packs

How much are tickets?
Tickets start from IDR 250,000.

How long does the early bird sale last for?
On March 6th the early bird sale will end and the first release price will start. We recommend buying tickets now before they are sold out and to save money.

What do I need to show for entry to the Bali Colour Festival?
Please make sure you have a copy of your ticket which you can print or present electronically. 

What is the vaccine and mask policy for the Bali Colour Festival?
We abide by the Government policy on the subject matter. The latest information will be available closer to the event date. 

Will there be special food and drinks at the venue?
Yes, we have a special food and drink menu. Table service will be provided. 

Where can I purchase tickets for Bali Colour Festival?
You can buy tickets via our website or at Finns Recreation Club reception.

What if I have any questions about the event?
If you have further questions send an email to

Bali Colour Festival is a cashless event

What is cashless?
Cashless is a method of payment that helps improve the customer service experience. You’ll spend less time in queues, less time worrying about cash, less time concerned with fraud and theft, and most importantly, more time enjoying the evening. Your wristband acts as your wallet.

How do I get my wristband?
You will receive your wristband when you arrive and present your ticket.

How do I load funds onto my wristband?
To load funds onto your wristband, visit one of the top-up points onsite at the venue. You will have one wristband with the minimum spend on it.

How do I purchase items during the evening?
Simply tap your wristband at any of the venue outlets to pay for your order and the amount due will be deducted.

Can I use cash or credit card to make purchases at the Bali Colour Festival?
No, cashless will be the only payment method for this evening.

How will I know how much credit I’ve got left on my wristband?
You can request a balance check when you make a transaction or at a top-up point.

Can I transfer my money to someone else’s wristband?
No, your credit is not transferable.

What if I have credit left on my wristband after this evening?
Reclaim unspent funds by visiting a top-up point. You will be able to cash out your wristband credit at Finns until 6pm, 2nd of April at FRC.

How long is the wristband valid for?
The wristband is valid for purchases during the Bali Colour Festival Event only. 
No leftover credit is able to be spent the day after.

What if my wristband gets cut, torn or wet?
The wristband will not be accepted if it’s cut. 

What if I have any questions about cashless?
If you have further questions, ask any of the cashless staff at the venue. If you require further information, send an email to